We are an Atlanta-based law firm that offers business law legal counseling, representation and mediation. Our comprehensive range of business law-related services will advance your company’s goals.

We understand that owning and operating a business can be overwhelming at times. Laws and regulations governing business transactions are constantly evolving, and they can be difficult to navigate. Business owners who try to comprehend and stay up-to-date on these regulations and laws on their own often find themselves exhausted and frustrated with unfavorable outcomes. Frankly, many business owners allow this crucial part of sustaining and growing their businesses to slip through the cracks.

You do not have to manage your business’ legal risks and transactions alone. We understand the practical demands of running a business. At Brim Law, we have the experience and training necessary to help you navigate complex legal perimeters and develop the right strategies to protect and move your business endeavors forward.

We encourage you to allow our trained-eyes to parse out the most important details, so that you can get back to running your business.


Determining a business structure is one of the earliest steps in starting your business. The implications, good and bad, of choosing the proper business structure can be huge and long-lasting. All business structures have specific requirements that can have significant impact on the company’s exposure to liability, reporting requirements, shareholder obligations and rights, and distribution of profits and losses.

Forming the right business structure is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. We provide sound advice and counsel to help you choose and form the business entity that best serves your business goals and objectives.

Business Formation
Shareholder Agreements


Without a solid shareholder or operating agreement, your business’ future and your personal interests may be in jeopardy. These agreements deal with the “what ifs” (all the situations and unforeseen occurrences that can happen to a business during the course of its operation).

Not addressing the “what ifs” can be fatal to a business. At Brim Law, our goal is to draft solid, exhaustive agreements that protect our clients and their investments.


Ensuring that contract provisions are clear and free of ambiguity is a crucial part of drafting and negotiating contracts that protect and serve your company’s best interests. In addition to crafting language that is clear and understandable in contracts, we also vigorously advocate for our clients during contract negotiations to ensure our clients are in the best position possible.
Commercial Contracts
Business Mergers and Acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions can be rewarding and challenging moments in the life of a business. Stress and uncertainty often accompany these moments. With great care, we walk our clients through every stage of the Merger and Acquisition (M & A) process. We can design the best strategy to maneuver your company through the M & A process as well.


Employment manuals and agreements serve as one of the primary communicative tools between an employer and their employees. We draft, review and update employment documents to ensure that employer-employee expectations and responsibilities are clearly outlined and understood according to applicable law.

Well-written manuals, handbooks and agreements reduce and manage employment misunderstandings and disputes. The law governing employment agreements, especially Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements, significantly changed in 2011. Do not simply rely on old forms that may contain unenforceable or out-of-date provisions. Let us help you reduce risks and maintain positive employment relations.

Employment Manuals
Succession Planning


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” (Benjamin Franklin). Do not allow your company to go without an Succession Plan. A business’ growth can be stunted or decline when a founder or dependable leader leaves, retires or dies.

Identifying and grooming a new leader who can pick up where the former leader left off is key to your company’s continued success. With our counsel and assistance, we can help you develop a Succession Plan that addresses the multitude of issues and details that accompany this type of transition.


Your ingenuity, trademarks, artistic work, and trade secrets need to be protected from competitors. We understand the nuances of copyright, trademark, and trade secret law. At Brim Law, we work vigorously to protect our clients’ rights and investments in their sensitive, proprietary information and products.

We are here to keep your original ideas, work product and designs in your possession.

Intellectual Property


We are standing by to serve as your bankruptcy attorney, and provide you with the answers that you need. We can help you through the entire process, from beginning to end, and ensure that you have the best possible plan for your situation
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Prior to attending law school, Grant Brim earned his Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of West Georgia. His educational background along with his subsequent work in the field has given him a unique perspective. In addition, Grant has years of experience litigating both domestic and commercial disputes.

Grant brings this diverse educational and career background to the mediation process. Grant is a registered general civil and domestic mediator. He is committed to providing the highest quality mediation service at a reasonable cost. His goal is to facilitate a process in which the parties are free to make decisions in a manner that maximizes the benefits and minimizes the amount of stress for everyone involved. He specializes in situations where the parties have a continuing relationship. This includes divorcing or divorced parents, siblings and parents, coworkers, business partners, and business associates.